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As we write this, Maine has just experienced its first total Solar Eclipse since 1963. The state enjoyed clear skies, and some of the best views of totality seen in the country.

Fourth Quarter Newsletter 2024


2nd Qtr 2023 Newsletter

2023 Second Quarter Newsletter

3rd Quarter Newsletter 2022


2nd Quarter 2022


First Quarter Newsletter 2022

  March lived up to its “mad” reputation this year, bringing a volatile first quarter in the investment markets to a close. While a welcomed rally in U.S. Equity markets, with the DJIA up 2.3% for the month, helped claw back some of its losses, the bond market suffered one of its worst months.

4th Quarter 2021 Newsletter

   Once again, we have finished a year full of surprises in the Market: the champagne bubbles have barely settled when year-end financial market index returns are published; advisors get out their calculators and measure their performances; Analysts review last year’s Predictions with a mix of trepidation and excitement, as they prepare to publish their outlooks and prognosticat

3rd Quarter Newsletter

     A repetitive theme in our newsletters has been the importance of planning for the unexpected in your investment strategy. Markets have experienced major advances and declines more often from unforeseen events, more than those which have been widely anticipated, whether positive or negative.

Second Quarter Newsletter 2021

                In the last few weeks, we have seen new highs in U.S. Equity markets, growing evidence of the effectiveness of widespread COVID vaccinations, and many businesses and venues in the U.S. reopening. This 4th of July, the country was able to celebrate with parades, fireworks, barbecues, and beach days.


  As the first quarter draws to a close, the month of March has lived up to its reputation for Madness. The NCAA College Basketball Tournament is in full swing after the COVID hiatus; and brackets are crashing everywhere.

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